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Yolanda has been bouncing around in my head for about a year now. My initial manuscript was scrapped and replaced for a new story, proper outline, and character arc with a more obvious goal.

Manuscript completion date: Hopefully before the end of 2017.

Exiled from the world of Fae for the accidental death of a faerie lord, Yolanda has made the wastelands of post-apocalyptic Earth her home for eighty years.

There had long been tension between faerie kings of Obscura and its pious faerie druids. When Kroloth, head of the druid order, opened a portal within the bowels of the druid temple, Earth was discovered for the first time, along with the fate of humanity—ten years deep into nuclear winter and holding on by a thread.

Early attempts to save the humans from extinction revealed that the magic present in Fae’s atmosphere was toxic to humans. Against the will of the newly crowned Queen Liliana, Kroloth chose to keep the portal open even though the radiation of Earth darkened the skies of Fae. The druids built a twin temple over the portal opening on Earth and made plans to assist the humans in whatever way they could. But the druids had other responsibilities. They had been tasked to reform the corrupt judicial system of the Kingdom of Obscura.

Knowing that Yolanda was a spy of Queen Liliana, Kroloth sentenced Yolanda to exile on Earth, a punishment viewed as mercy by many when compared to the long history of beheadings. But the druids’ sudden rise in power was not welcomed by all, and the skies continued to darken, spreading fear and uncertainty.

On the day of Yolanda’s banishment a great many druids were present to witness what was considered an historic step toward a more civilized faerie culture. A grave misjudgment on the part of Kroloth. At that moment a small group of unknown traitors destroyed the portal, and the newly built temple was cut off from the magic that held its form in place.

Yolanda, believing herself the only survivor, was cut off from all Faelings, all magic, and all hope.

The story now follows Yolanda eighty years later. She proved herself a survivor, but cut off from the magic present in Fae’s atmosphere, Yolanda’s life force grows weak. Thinking to end her days in a little shack near the ocean, she is more than surprised at what she now finds; adventure, mishaps, and unforeseen possibilities.

See here a concept piece of Yolanda I commissioned last year with Hunt illustration.


The Eames Award

I have a stack of books to get through but I keep setting them down to reread Kings of the Wyld. Whatever for? What draws me back is passages like this:

Which are you, the monster or the man?

It wasn’t the words that had moved him. It was the look in her eyes, green as the sunlit sea. She was offering him absolution, the defining choice of a lifetime balanced on a blade’s edge. The truth, he knew, was that the world needed his kind of monster. It was a brutal place. It was unfair. And Clay Cooper, such as he was, was quite simply the right kind of wrong.

Damnnn! This is the level of prose that awards were intended for! There are pages and pages of gems like this. If Kings of the Wyld doesn’t win an award I will cry foul from the highest mountain. Either that or I’ll propose a new award. The Eames Award.

Kings of the Wyld

Today I’m posting about my favorite book, Kings of the Wyld, the debut novel recently published by Orbit for the brilliant author, Nicholas Eames.  https://nicholaseames.com/


Eames is without a doubt the new King of fantasy fiction. Never heard of King Eames? Well, he’s only worn the crown for about a month so give it time. Who am I? Just his biggest fan. Oh, you thought you were his biggest fan? No, it’s me…No you’re not! I called dibs like two weeks ago. Poser. That’s okay, I’ll let it slide, this time.

The only thing that sucks for me as an author is that I’ve been working for close to a year on fantasy novel in which there is a group of people referred to as Vanguard, and that I’ve also been writing about a portal with a keystone. Shit! I really, really don’t want to change it now. So much for original ideas!

I gotta say I’m really impressed with Orbit for publishing so many good books by such talented authors. Positive reviews are quickly piling up for Kings of the Wyld. I have no doubt that the book will win many awards. I also expect that it will soon be noticed by the film industry. So instead of focusing on the book, I’d like to take the first stab at a fantasy casting session. Keep in mind that this is just for fun. No part of this casting is real in any way. All opinions are my own and I’m just a fan.

Feel free to comment and offer suggestions. I’m afraid that I’ve picked actors from west of the puddle. And I’m really not interested in actors with UK accents. Sorry. UK accents have dominated all the best fantasy movies for almost 20 years. Enough is enough! This is my personal fantasy pick after all. The actors I picked are perhaps younger than in the book, but a bit of make-up would easily add 20 years to their appearances. So, without further mucking about…

Introducing, SAGA!



First up, Anson Mount as Clay Cooper!


Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) – Hell On Wheels – Season 2 – Gallery – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC


Next on the list, Cole Monahan as Golden Gabe! (Gabriel) 



Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, it’s Eric Dane as Matrick Skulldrummer!



Next up, is it a mountain or a man? It’s the one and only Josh Holloway as Ganelon!



No band is complete without a wizard!  It’s James Franco starring as Arcandius Moog!original


What’s a band without a booker?  It’s Ron Perlman starring as Kallorek!